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A home anywhere - simple and practical to transport

ATTENTION: Due to the natural processing of our felt, small straw particles may be present. You get a pure natural product in return.

To make your four-legged friend feel at home anywhere, simply place his dog bed on the spot. The felt is robust, easy to clean, odour-, dirt- and water-repellent. The dog bed in three different sizes made of 13 mm brown natural felt provides your dog with excellent protection against cold and wet floors. It equalises the temperature and is therefore ideal for outdoors and indoors. Just as practical as our seat cushions, because cold and damp, even on mud and snow, are no longer a problem. To transport, simply roll up the camp and tie it up with the attached cord.

It is particularly worth mentioning that wool is naturally hygienic. Due to its shed structure and the residual wool grease content, it also has a "natural protection" against dirt, stains and odours. Washing would only impair these properties unnecessarily. Shake out, brush out and air from time to time. If necessary, rinsing with clear, cold water is sufficient.

Material: Hubertus natural felt, 13 mm thick, made from 100% virgin sheep's wool - not chemically treated.

Dog Bed Nero (40x60 cm)

  • Embroidery with loden stripes

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Advantages of pure new sheep's wool

The miracle fibre from nature!

Temperature-regulating & breathable

The tightly woven structure allows the body's own warmth to be retained where it is needed. Water vapour (e.g. perspiration) is absorbed and transported away in a targeted manner.

Water-repellent & wind-resistant

The natural wool grease "lanolin" ensures that loden and felt absorb water only poorly and thus remain pleasantly dry inside when it rains. The breathability allows moisture to be wicked away quickly.

Dirt-resistant & easy-care

The lanolin also makes it difficult for dirt to be absorbed by the fabric. This makes these fabrics ideal for outdoor clothing and accessories, especially in harsh conditions.

Our contribution to nature

At hubertusloden, we have always lived sustainability!

Loden, felt and leather

Our entire product range has been developed and constructed on the basis of these fabrics. This enables a high degree of flexibility and safety when selecting products for the hunting, outdoor, leisure and dog sectors.

100 % pure new sheep's wool

Loden and felt from our company are made exclusively from pure new sheep's wool and are processed naturally. No camel hair or synthetic fibres are added.

Made in Germany

Long-term co-operations with the best manufacturers of woollen fabrics from Germany enable us to produce high-quality products in our own manufactory.