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The modern all-rounder

Size M: 40 x 32 x 15 cm (HxWxD), approx. 23 L

Size L: 41 x 35 x 20 cm (HxWxD), approx. 33 L

Material: Superior loden made from 100% virgin sheep's wool, full cowhide with felt lining


  • Front outer pocket with additional inner pocket and cartridge flaps

  • Two outer side pockets for bottles or spotting scope

  • Two slit pockets and an additional zippered pocket on the inside

  • Lid with additional zippered pocket

  • Side zipper for quick access

  • Felt-lined leather straps with thumb loops and leather carrying handles

  • Buckles for adjusting the strap length with additional leather cover

  • Chest strap system (leather strap is supplied in the rucksack lid)

  • Wooden toggle fasteners and reinforced cotton cords

  • Four additional loops on the outside for attaching various items

  • Integrated felt seat cushion

  • Three-layer base with 5 mm felt insert

  • Also included: Screw in loden sheath, Tierowa leather grease for strap care

Our most popular rucksack model is the ideal hunting rucksack but also ideal for outdoor and hiking. The hard-wearing, water-repellent superior loden protects your belongings perfectly and the lavish features of the Premium speak for themselves. The three-layer base made of loden felt loden stabilizes the loden rucksack perfectly. Two side outer pockets for a thermos flask or spotting scope, the spacious front outer pocket and the lid pocket offer additional space for important items, as do the small inner pockets in the lids of the outer pockets. There is an additional zippered inner pocket in the front outer pocket. Here you will also find flaps for your cartridges or pens. The outer pockets are closed with practical wooden toggles. The hubertus felt seat cushion and an additional compartment for hiking maps or other documents are located in the back area. The zipper on the side provides lightning-fast access to the inside of the loden backpack. Two additional slide-in pockets and an inner pocket with a zipper keep your backpack organized. The felt-lined shoulder straps promise optimum carrying comfort. The metal buckles for adjusting the length are covered with leather hoods to prevent noise while hunting. Two hand loops on the carrying straps relieve the weight of the rucksack when walking. In the lid you will find an additional chest strap and the screw in the loden sheath.

Loden Backpack "Premium"

  • Size Rucksack
  • Loden colour
    • Product Image
      Superior Loden green
    • Product Image
      Superior Loden brown
    • Product Image
      Superior Loden stone grey
  • Embroidered Initials

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The distinctive features of our backpacks

All our original hubertus loden rucksacks come with many carefully crafted details such as outer pockets with additional inner pockets, side zip for quick access, leather straps lined with felt and leather carrying handles, buckles for adjusting the strap length with leather cover, wooden toggle fasteners, cords made of reinforced cotton, integrated felt seat cushion, hand loops for "Premium" and "Maximus", screw in loden coat, Tierowa leather grease, lid with zip pockets and much more.

Extra wide shoulder strap
made of cowhide, reinforced with felt on the back
reinforced with felt 

made of reinforced cotton

with wooden toggles

Buckles for adjusting 
the strap length, with leather cover - 

no rattling/no shining

Side zip for quick access 

to the inside, even when the lid is closed

Tierowa leather grease for regular 
leather care

Tierowa leather grease for regular strong thumb loops to relieve the 

weight on the back (not on all models)

The seat felt compartment with integrated seat felt is

also ideal for rifle transport

Integrated tabs for storing utensils

such as pens or cartridges

Inner pockets secured with zip fasteners so that

nothing gets lost

Advantages of pure new sheep's wool

The miracle fibre from nature!

Temperature-regulating & breathable

The tightly woven structure allows the body's own warmth to be retained where it is needed. Water vapour (e.g. perspiration) is absorbed and transported away in a targeted manner.

Water-repellent & wind-resistant

The natural wool grease "lanolin" ensures that loden and felt absorb water only poorly and thus remain pleasantly dry inside when it rains. The breathability allows moisture to be wicked away quickly.

Dirt-resistant & easy-care

The lanolin also makes it difficult for dirt to be absorbed by the fabric. This makes these fabrics ideal for outdoor clothing and accessories, especially in harsh conditions.

Our contribution to nature

At hubertusloden, we have always lived sustainability!

Loden, felt and leather

Our entire product range has been developed and constructed on the basis of these fabrics. This enables a high degree of flexibility and safety when selecting products for the hunting, outdoor, leisure and dog sectors.

100 % pure new sheep's wool

Loden and felt from our company are made exclusively from pure new sheep's wool and are processed naturally. No camel hair or synthetic fibres are added.

Made in Germany

Long-term co-operations with the best manufacturers of woollen fabrics from Germany enable us to produce high-quality products in our own manufactory.